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Ranil Wickremesinghe A True Leader

Personal Profile

Pursuits and Interests

“The closest to his heart has been Sri Lankan history, as well as the narratives of Buddhist civilization in the region, though he is equally knowledgeable about histories of war and peace around the globe.”

Personal Profile

Place the law at the right place

“Everyone should obey the law. That is all I say. Whether it be the Sangha or the Sinhalese or the Muslims or the Tamils or the Christians – if anyone breaks the law we will speak about it”

Ranil Wickremesinghe

Dynamic Commitments and Interests

Ranil is the Chair of the Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara Dayaka Sabha. The historic Kelaniya Temple was reconstructed by his great-grandmother Helena Wijewardene. He is also a member of the dayaka sabbhas of the Gangaramaya, Walukaramaya and the Weragodalla (Sedawatte) temples. Historically, the Weragodalla temple has been associated with the Wijewardene family for many years. […]

Ranil’s Family and Background

Ranil is the second son of Esmond and Nalini Wickremesinghe. Esmond Wickremesinghe was an eminent press magnate and one time President of the International Press Institute and the winner of the Golden Pen of Freedom (the annual award to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the defence of press freedom). Nalini Wickremesinghe was […]

Professor Maithree Wickramasinghe

Maithree Wickramasinghe (PhD.) is a Professor in the Department of English and the founding Director of the Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Kelaniya. She is also a Visiting Professor at the Centre for Higher Education Equity Research (School of Education and Social Work), University of Sussex, United Kingdom. She started her teaching […]